Natalie's Fable

The Bear and the Bat

One morning there was a bear walking along a path way when he heard a cry, he followed the cry and discovered a bat stuck under a broken branch that fell off a tree. The bear helped the bat by lifting the branch up so that the bat could squeeze out. The bat thanked the bear for his help and they both continued on there way in different directions.

On the next day, the bat was flying around when out of the blue, the bat heard gunshots, he looked down and saw the bear that rescued him from the fallen branch, running from two hunters. Then while the bear was running, he got swept up in a trap. The bat watched in horror as the two hunters catched up with the bear, but before the hunters had time to do anything, the bat swooped down and cut the trap, just in time for the bear to runaway. This time the bear thanked the bat and they both lived happy lives.