You've Made It! Well, Almost...

Instructor: Patti Daniels

Contact Info:
417-235-5445 (MHS)

Absent: Access all assignments here:

Please DO NOT communicate with via social networking inbox messages or personal phone numbers/texting.

I may also use Remind to send out texts to you, but remember you cannot reply to the Remind messages, they're simply there to REMIND you to do your work!



You will have between 5-10 assessments each semester, regular homework assignments, work to complete in and outside of class, and a final/semester exam.

You are allowed to redo any assessment except the final but you must have all of your homework turned in. If you do not turn in the 1st assessment on time, when you finally turn it in will count as the 2nd time (this is because the first time you chose to take a zero/INC).

If you score a D or F on any assessment you will be required to retake it.

Any student who earns an A for the semester will be exempt from the final. All students must be in the room the day and time of the final, though FYI. If you have an A and wish to take the final, you can attempt to take it to try to raise your grade to a higher A without penalty.

For all other questions, please consult the handbook on the Monett High School website. You can download it for your reading pleasure or to use as a safe alternative for better sleep at night.


You're SENIORS, so you know how to behave! Our one major rule? Don't create a problem! The rest will be cake. The other rules are in the handbook.