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All of these pets are in need of loving homes

If you'd like to learn more about any of the following animals available for adoption or foster through the Pennsylvania SPCA, please contact us at Contact info is also available at the bottom of this flyer :)



I'm Blossom and I am a happy, funny girl with a lot of energy and a knack for making my

human friends laugh! I don't know why, I just run around and they burst out laughing. I just love toys so much. I like to race around and toss them in the air for myself. It's such a blast!

I would love to find an active family where I can be the only pet (hey, with me around, you don't need other dogs anyway! I'm enough entertainment for a whole family!) Being a lab mix, I also happen to love water and swimming, so if you are into that kind of thing...I think we'd be a perfect match!

Blossom is an adult lab/pit mix who is ready to be the class clown in your life! Please come visit her today or tell someone you know about this great dog.


Lilo is a 3-5 year-old mixed-breed Terrier with a friendly, fun-loving and playful nature. She loves to go for walks and explore the world around her. She is a medium size girl, weighing about 60 pounds. Lilo has wags for everyone she meets. If you are looking for a happy girl with lots of love to give, come to the shelter and meet Lilo!


Haze is a young pit bull mix who came to us through our Humane Law Enforcement team. She is a high-energy girl who enjoys both physical and mental exercise - that's right, she's definitely a smart cookie! Haze would excel in a training class where she can show you just how smart she is, make you proud and have the added benefit of improving her social skills with other dogs. Haze can't wait to be a loyal companion to a lucky person or family.


This beautiful girl is Ginger! She's a smart, inquisitive adult pit mix who is always up for sharing an adventure. She loves investigating new surroundings, but give a quick call and she's right there next to you smiling and ready to snuggle! Ginger also enjoys playing with other dogs and seems to be house trained. Could she be your new best friend?



Lokey is a 3 year old male who is friendly, playful and quite the looker! He is affectionate and will make someone very happy. He does have skin allergies requiring special food (Hills z/d), but it is easily purchased at any vet office or a PetSmart with a Banfield clinic inside. Just think of it like people taking allergy biggie! Lokey is a gentle boy who would do well in any home.


Rockford came to us through our Humane Law Enforcement team in December of 2011. She was one of several cats rescued from a hoarding situation and has since undergone extensive behavior rehabilitation to socialize her. She is doing great and is finally ready for her new home! She would prefer a quiet environment with other cats.


Boots is a big, beautiful girl who is friendly and gets along great with other cats. She likes to give affection, but on her own terms. A couple head scratches is all she wants...she doesn't consider herself a lap-cat. She prefers simply being in your presence or rubbing up on your legs...she doesn't need to snuggle all day. She would do great in a home with other cats where she can do her thing and lounge next to you on the couch.


Look at those eyes! Brittany is a gorgeous and smart, quiet girl who wants nothing more than a home that will give her plenty of time to settle in and accept her for the gentle lady that she is. She's young and we think that a stable, supportive environment for her to relax in will be just the thing to allow her personality to blossom!

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