Dwighquel Seymour



Australia is called the land down under because it is below the equator. It is one of the seven continents of the world. It is also a country.The first people to live in Australia were aborigines. Aboriginal means first. They were like our Native Americans. Today there are still aborigines in Australia. Some live on reservations, some live on ranches (called stations or property) or in cities. You can see some examples of their beautiful art if you visit Australia.Australia is like the United States in many ways. Most people live in or near cities. They speak English. They work in buildings like your parents


Australia is made up of six states and two territories. It is about the size of the United States (not including Alaska.) 18.3 million people live there, about as many people as in New York. Canberra is the capital of Australia.The weather in Australia is warm and pleasant. The warmest months in Australia happen when we are having winter in the United States.January and February are the warmest months, with average temperatures between 65° and 70° F. June and July are the coldest months, with an average July temperature of about 50° F, except in the Australian Alps, where temperatures average 35° F.The middle part of the country is called the outback. The outback does not get very much rain and is very dry. Not very many people live in the outback.