Do your math & pack your bags!

We are off to New Delhi, India!

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MATH OLYMPICs Next Stop : New Delhi, INDIA!!!!!!!

We are excited to continue to travel the world through Math Olympics. Our students are furiously doing Math problem to fuel their trip to New Delhi, India, Friday, May 13th, 2016. Please Help us to make this MAGICAL TRIP another memorable one. Sign up to volunteer and get ready to fly!

Thank You

Earth Day was a great experience for our students at BPCS. Parents, under the guidance of Rachel Newton, provided each of our students with a fun educational experience. The day was a resounding success and another example of what is possible when parents and schools collaborate to enhance the student experience. I want to send a thank you to Rachel, Chloe Metz, Jeanne Rondeau, Seema Aghera, Ben Rubin and the many others I am sure that I missed. The greater BPCS community appreciates you.

Contact Us!

Have any questions regarding our travel plans? Please reach out to Ms. Walsh (, Ms. Rosado ( and Ms. Lawrence ( with your inquiries!