Florida Virtual Courses in Moodle

Virtual Summer School 2014

Introduction to Casey Schaub

Anthony Buza was recently awarded the project facilitator role for the Whole School Technology Transformation grant. Due to the required time and energy that Anthony has to devote to WSTT he is transitioning out of his virtual summer school leadership position.

Casey Schaub is now leading the virtual summer school project. Casey has been with the GISD as an instructional technologist for five months and previously taught virtual summer school for past few summers.

Please forward any questions to Casey Schaub via his email at cschaub@geneseeisd.org.

Moodle Pilot for VSS

The Moodle versions of the Florida Virtual School courses will be used for this year's Virtual Summer School.

There are several tasks that took a considerable amount of time during course setup in the Blackboard versions that are now much easier using Moodle.

We wanted to highlight a few of the enhancements and have included videos detailing the ease of use regarding the following concepts:

  • Hiding modules and assignments
  • The inclusion of a student progress bar
  • Communication student to teacher

How do I access a Sample Course?

Below is a link to our server and guest login access in order for you to experience a FLVS course in Moodle.

Our Moodle server can be found at https://moodle.gennet.us/login/index.php

  • login: flvs.teacher
  • password: Spring2014 (case sensitive)

Hiding Modules and Assignments


The Progress Bar



We are currently exploring two (2) different communication options for Moodle. Both options are far superior to how Blackboard handled teacher-student communication.

The first option is to create a discussion forum using the group feature of Moodle. Each group is made up of one student. A student can only see their discussion thread. All communication between the teacher and student will be within their discussion thread. Both the teacher and student can subscribe to the discussion thread to get email notifications.

The second option is to use the dialogue plugin. The dialogue plugin allows for two-way private communication between the teacher and a student only. For more information, please visit: Moodle Docs site.

We are currently investigating these two options and will send out additional communication when we have made our decision.

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