Summer scientific project

By: Jeremiah Hanna

What I did at the zoo

When I went to the Milwaukee zoo we went to the sea lion show it was right by the monkeys so we stopped by them until the show started. When we went to the zoo I went with my mom and brother, and with my baby sister. When I went to the Milwaukee zoo we went and seen the dinosaur exhibit they had there my baby sister was scared of them. It took a long time to get there it took like 2 hours in the truck so I slept a little on the way.

Pictures from the zoo

Since connection 1

The first one is the truck. The truck makes fumes the fumes are causing global warming. The fumes are green house gases. The gases put holes in the o zone. The holes allows radiation through that causes globe warming.

Since connection 2

The secconed connection is to velocity. The velocity when I throw it into the air it has to have the right speed and direction or it would go to far up and I would move and it had to go the right direction or it would miss the intended target.

Questions I had

How do the dinosaurs work?

Does nutins 3 laws off motion apply?

What do the polar bears really look like?

How long do the giraffes live?

How long can a hippo stay under water?

How big can an elephant get?