All About Me

By Yeseul Jun

The mountain I climbed to achievement

I have experienced many ups and downs in my life, after all, being a middle school-er isn't exactly an easy life. Friends, homework, test, quizzes. The stress just keeps piling up. It's like a massive mountain where I'm left to face it all. So how did I overcome it and how did it become my way to success? Well I think my biggest accomplishment is probably accepting myself for who I am. When I was young I often compared myself to others and always pointed out my flaws. Well that broke me and let me fall into a pit I thought was impossible to overcome. For years I struggled and fought with my parents. But the thing is I also fought myself. I always thought that I had to be better. And know that I look back I see that I was the most broken. So how did I overcome it? Well it wasn't easy. First, I tried hard to listen to what other people had to say. So if they told me to improve something, than instead of taking it as an offense I would try to accept and work on it. The second is that I looked at my strengths and not weakness. And if I did have a weakness I would try to stay positive and fix it. And my third is that I kept reminding myself that I wasn't perfect. I thought even famous people like Bill Gate, Walt Disney, Kim Yoona (figure ice skater) have fallen and failed. I thought I'm only in elementary school, so for now I should just enjoy being a kid. The last is I confided in an adult I trusted. I let free my emotions and let them help guide me through. All that time I thought I was the only one hurting, but I realized my parents were too. I thought how selfish I was, and how I thought there were so many problems at school, I didn't even think of the problems at home. That's when I realized how much I had fallen and how I had to pick myself up. So I did and that's how I'm standing here to tell you the story of me. I think above all achievements. Above all good grades or any other this was by far the best mountain that I overcame.
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My Avocations

My daily occupations usually contains playing my flute, knitting, drawing, or learning Korean. I enjoy all of them, but my favorite, I think, is playing the flute. I enjoy playing with my flute acquaintance and taking lessons. It is my pleasure to practice and see how much I have grown and how much more. If I am not playing my flute, than I'm usually reading Korean books. I take joy in learning world languages, for I know one day it will help me. Also I love knowing more about where I came from and where I came from. I also love drawing pictures. I feel like it breaks the barrier for my creativity. Letting lose all the stress piled from school. There I don't have any rules or anything, so I can draw my heart out. This is a great way to break free and forget who I am and what I need to be and do. My final hobby is knitting. I find this a great way to spend time when bored. And also I am able to make scarfs, hats, and etc for myself and others. I know it takes a long time, but it fascinates me on how the end product will look. I think that's sorta how it's like in life. You just got to keep trying hard to see whats waiting for me at the end. Even if you get tangled like the yarn you just have to find a way to start fresh and untangle yourself. And I think my hobbies just let me be free of myself, so I can define myself for who I am.
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My life at home

My family is probably the most important people in the world to me. They have impacted me and helped me in so many ways. Whenever I look at my parents, I think, can I be like them in the future. And I think that all of us take our parents for granted, but you never know when they will leave this earth. During my early childhood, I had a little rift come with my friends. I was so hurt to see how someone who once said that they'll be with you forever just turn there backs on you. It made me wonder who is really there for me. During that time I was quickly angered and would refuse to cooperate. I had fallen into the whole of desperation. That's probably the reason that I'm so quiet. Even through that, I realized my parents were there for me in light of it all. And it still continues to amaze me of their unconditional love. They're always caring and loving. Putting my needs, before theirs and loving me no matter what. They have impacted me to life a brighter and better life. My brother was also a light through it all. He helped me overcome this and help me strengthen my self-confidence. That why I love my family the most in the whole entire world.
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My future career

I know I'm still young and college seems far away. But I realized that time really flies and in a blink of an eye I might be filling out my college application. I wondered for a very long time on what I wanted to do. First I thought of a job that would be probably earn a lot of money, like a doctor. But then I realized that, that wasn't fit for me. Although, I am good at studying I don't particularly enjoy it. Also I didn't want to waste my youth doing something I dreaded, so I thought a long time on what I wanted to be. Well my answer through all my thinking is probably a flutist. I thought it would be hard, but I am up to the challenge. And I rather waste my time doing something I like and earning a little money, than doing something I hate and earning a lot of money. I find joy in playing my flute and I plan to take the road to goal.

My social life

When 6th grade began, I was sorta what you called the outcast. Since many of the CBG kids have known each other for awhile they already had friends. Me on the other hand, was from a different school and lacked social skills. I think this scared me the most in middle school above all. Although at first it was hard to make friends I think I am adapting well now. I have become a little more talkative. Though I have not found a truly close friend. But, I plan on working hard to even out my triangle and becoming, even if a little bit more friendly.

The strengths that I hold

During a period of my life, I struggled to think of what I was good at. I would think I was a failure and pity myself. Well I overcame that a process my brother taught me. I would simply not look at what I was bad and but what I was good at. He said to always stay confident and positive. Well I took his advice and it has helped me reach to where I am today. My strengths is math and social studies so I worked to improve them. I like math, because I find joy in solving the equation. In life is all these different answers and it just stresses you, out of your mind. But in math it's not like that. You have one sturdy answer. No buts or ifs. The reason I like Social studies is because of the wars. I love how countries overcame hardships and later on found peace. I know the world isn't exactly peaceful, but I like to see how we overcome it. I plan to stay positive and always work hard to strengthen my strengths.
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