5th Grade

Week of November 6th

Our Fith Graders are Fabulous!!

  • Please continue to check your student's planner.

  • SNACK Reminder: Because 5th-grade lunch is not until 12:20, we are allowing 5th graders to bring a HEALTHY snack. The snack must be something they can eat while continuing to work, and the snack must not require a spoon and cannot be messy.

Pumpkin Projects are absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you for taking the time to discuss book characters with your student. This should be a fun activity for you to enjoy together!

Upcoming Dates

November 8th - Veterans Day Practice

5th-grade field trip to CTE facilities

Veterans Day Performance

November 15- Thanksgiving Lunch/ Parent Teacher Conferences during the Evening

November 16- Parent Teacher Conferences AM

November 19-23- No School Thanksgiving Break

Student Led Parent Conference

Please click on the link below and find your student's homeroom teacher on the tabs at the top of the page. You will be scheduling one conference with your student's homeroom teacher.

Subject Content:


Informational Text


  • Financial Literacy
  • Order of Operations
  • All operations with Decimals


Changes in Earth's Surface by Weathering Erosion and Deposition

Social Studies:

American Revolution

Big picture
Big picture