Peter Noyes Coin War Results

Way To Go!

And The Results Are In!

Congratulations to all Peter Noyes students on a fantastic first coin war! All week long staff and students were engaged in classroom camaraderie and math talk! It was fun to listen to students strategize and talk numbers! Our goal was to raise $7,300 and we are so proud to announce we raised $7,684.36!

Our classroom winners are:

Kindergarten - Mrs. Chen

First Grade - Mrs. Felt

Second Grade - Mrs. Murphy

Third Grade - Mrs. Haher

Fourth Grade - Mrs. Valukis

Fifth Grade - Mr. Huelin

These classes will receive an extra recess as we celebrate Global School Play Day on February 5th.

Below are some interesting statistics and some pictures highlighting our week. We would like to thank the Peter Noyes PTO for all their wonderful help this week counting and sorting coins. A SPECIAL thank you to Salem 5 Bank for allowing us to use their coin machine!

Big picture
Big picture
Big picture