Journal de cours

French IV newsletter for M. Pageau's class

Meet your teacher!

M. Pageau has been a teacher with NCVPS since 2011, but has been teaching French since 1999. He has been teaching for Roanoke Rapids High School in Roanoke Rapids, NC since 2004. He originally is from Detroit and proud of his French-Canadian heritage! A graduate of the University of Michigan, he completed additional French studies at the Université Laval in Québec. He continued his French studies at Appalachian State University where he received his Master of Arts in French. He has traveled to/lived in ,Québec France, and most recently, Senegal. Last year, he was named the World Language Teacher of the Year by the Foreign Language Association of North Carolina (FLANC). The highlight of his school year is his annual student tours he leads through France. He is married with two girls, Mallaury (11) and Claire (7).

Required bi-weekly live session!

We held our first live session last week and even though we had some technical glitches, I thought it went well. Our next live session will be September 17 @ 8:30 pm. It is required that all students attend and participate. These sessions are part of their grade.

Prior to each session, I send out a reading for student to prepare prior to our live class. It serves as the basis of our cultural discussion for the evening.

All assignments are due every Friday by 9:00 pm! Follow your weekly syllabus posted in your course!

Frequently asked questions

  1. I'm new to online learning. What if I don't know how to navigate the website? Your school's NCVPS lab coordinator is usually your first resource. He/she is typically versed in using Blackboard and can answer most "how to" questions. If they don't know, you can always call me after 4:00 pm for assistance. Be sure to complete the Blackboard Orientation before beginning the course. Most questions will be addressed there.
  2. Is it OK to call you? Of course! That's what I'm here for! Don't forget that I do teach in a traditional school during the day, so if you call, please leave a message so I can return your call as soon as possible after school (same for a text).
  3. What if I'm having problems understanding concepts? Help is just a phone call away. You can contact me during regular office hours by phone, text, or Black Board Instant Messenger. I am also available by request. Just ask!
  4. How late is too late to call? Please do not call after 9:00 pm You may email or text at anytime, but see question #2.
  5. Can we use online translators? Absolutely not! The use of online translators is a form of plagiarism and students who use them will receive a grade of 0 for that assignment. Trust me, I will know.
  6. How can I be successful in this course? The most important thing you can do is ask questions early and often. If you don't understand something, you must ask me (or another student) for help. Another key to success is keeping pace. It is important that you work daily. It is the expectations that all students are submitting work daily. I will close the units as we complete them.


Feel free to email, text, or call anytime! Per NCVPS policy, all emails, texts, and phone calls will be replied to within 24 hours. Don't forget that I do teach during the day in a traditional high school. Messages sent during the school day will not be replied to immediately.