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The special friendship between a neighbor and Brody, the St. Bernard

You Never Know Where Or When A Friend Will Show Up

Happy Sunday Patriots,

I hope you all are having a wonderful autumn day, filled with Greenbay Packers, time outside under a softly shedding flame-colored tree, or just spending time with people that bring you joy and full-faced grins.

This week I stumbled across a video that got me thinking about the power of friendship and how often it can show up in the most unexpected and glorious of situations. As most 18+ people know, the majority of friendships ebb and flow depending on the changing seasons of our lives.

In elementary, we find our friends in the same class, same neighborhood, or out of the side of our eyes while silently competing for the highest swing during our 15 minutes of heaven-sent recess.

In junior high, we are like awkward, adorable, and somewhat hormonal baby giraffes just trying to find someone/ANYONE that has similar spots and a willingness to go through growing pains together.

In high school, our adult spots have started to come in. Our once awkward gait has begun to straighten out, we are inseparable from who we believe are our lifelong friends, and surprisingly and unbeknownst to our parents, we have suddenly acquired a knowledge of all things of life that is far superior to any adult in a supervisory position.

Then, just a quickly as it began, our first 18 years of existence are suddenly in the rearview mirror of life, and the daily friendships we survived on are now decidedly and unapologetically different to navigate and understand.

If we get lucky enough to start growing into our adult skin, we often cycle through a similar version of what it was like to go from toddler to teen to young adult. Growing up is this constant cycle of thinking that we know everything, and then learning with each passing year how humorous it is to think we actually know anything at all.

As we head into this breathtakingly beautiful season of change, I hope we will all take a moment to pause just long enough to allow the courage that is in all of us to take over and welcome a new friend, new experience, or new opportunity to make its way into this gift we call life.

As Always Patriots...

You Are LOVED!!!

Oh, and Go Pack Go!

Mrs. Summers

Mrs. Turley

Mr. Hawkins

Focus Friday Is October 8th

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Hey Summers When Do We Get Our Dress Down Days From The Book Fair?

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Huge Shout Out To Our PH Patriots That Make The Bus Magic Happen

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You know you are part of an AMAZING school community when the Superintendent AKA Nate Marshall is willing to jump on the Ol'e yellow school bus to make sure all of our Patriots get where they need to go.

We want to give a HUGE shout-out and round of applause to Jana and Jackie our very own everyday magic school bus drivers here at Providence Hall. These brave women boldly go where many of us have never gone before and because of their great efforts, many families are taking advantage of having an extra hand to get the kids to school.

Thank you to everyone that worked for so many months to make this a reality!

Also a quick shout out to our students that got this sweet email from their driver Jana Kendrick this week.

"Hello, This is Jana Kendrick. The driver for Blue Route.

I am just so proud of the kids and I want to share with everyone that on Wednesday afternoon we practiced our first emergency bus evacuation. I have to say that every single student on my bus is an absolute ROCKSTAR!!!!! WE were able to get the evacuation done in less than 3 minutes. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Every instruction I had given was followed exactly, without hesitation, argument, or frustration. After we finished up and were headed on the route we had a great conversation about bus safety rules AGAIN and what to do in case of emergency situations. I am so proud to be their driver and I always let them know it. High fives or fist bumps on and off the bus each day. A frown never leaves my bus."

Thank you everyone for helping to improve Providence Hall each and every year!

PHJH Preforming Arts

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Mrs. Silver's Open Wound Unit For Our Production Class Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

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All Things PHJH Athletics

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PHJH Patriots Cross Country Team Finished The Season Strong

Our PHJH Patriots rocked at state this week! If you didn't know it PHJH has a killer Cross Country team! Most of the team got their best times, and we had 5 of our runners get medals!

As a team, both boys and girls got 2nd place!!!

Thank you so much to Coach Havell and Coach Ford for always working so hard to help our Cross Country team improve each and every year.

This program would not be possible without these amazing and dedicated coaches and our Patriot parents that support us every step of the way.


Boys Soccer Updates

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Boys Soccer Game Results
Tuesday vs. Freedom Prep
Boys won 2-0
Wednesday @ Reagan Academy
Boys won 7-1

The boys have had an undefeated season and are looking forward to hosting all playoff games Tuesday-Thursday next week. All games start at 4:30 and will be played on the Providence Hall High School field.

Volleyball Updates

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Monday, Sept. 27
Varsity Lost to Freedom Prep 2 sets to 0
JV won 2 sets to 0

Wednesday, Sept 29
Varsity lost to Summit Ind. 2 sets to 1
JV lost 2 sets to 0

Super proud of our Volleyball team. Next week we will be hosting the playoffs as the top seed. The first match is on Monday the hopefully we will be playing in the semi-finals and finals on Wednesday.

Come cheer our girls on!!!

Calling All History Buffs

The past couple of weeks in U.S. History we have been doing some fun, interactive, hands-on activities to help students solve historical mysteries and understand very complex economic principles. Last Thursday we did our Roanoke Crime Scene, where the students worked to try and figure out what happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke. This Thursday and Friday we did a simulation where students learned the difficulties and realities of Mercantilism. Students trades with each traded with each other as they each worked to gain more gold than each other. It was really fun to watch the students engage with the content and come to some amazing historical conclusions based on the evidence in front of them. Thank you for allowing me to watch history come alive with your students.
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