Owl Smore

By Leah. Megan

Elf Owl

The elf owl is an amazing owl. The tiny owl is only 5-6 inches long! Even though the owl is small it eats large insects, spiders, scorpions and small reptiles.This small bird can lay 2-4 eggs! Their young leave the nest at 28 to 32 days. These owls make their homes in holes in cacti.These small birds are amazing!

This is an Elf owl that has made is in it’s home in a cactus and might be sitting on eggs!

Northern Saw-Whet Owl

This owl's name comes from the french word chouette, meaning “ Small Owl.” This owl also hunts for woodland rodents. The Northern Saw-whet Owl lays up to 5-6 eggs in tree cavities. The baby owls can fly by five weeks old. This bird is 7-8.5 inches.

This is a Northern Saw-Whet Owl sitting on a branch

Compare and Contrast

Similarities between the Elf Owl and Northern Saw-Whet Owl
  • they both live in cavities
  • they eat rodents
  • They both live in North America
  • They both lay there eggs in woodpecker holes.

Differences between the Elf Owl and the Northern Saw Whet Owl

  • the Elf Owl lays 2-4 eggs and saw whet lays 5-6 eggs
  • the saw Whet Owls are much bigger then the Elf Owl
  • The Elf owl is 5-6 in. and the Northern Saw-whet owl is 7-8.5 in.
  • They both have very different calls


  • cacti- more than one cactus
  • cavities- a tree hole
  • chouette- small owl
  • reptiles- an animal that's temperature changes with the outside temperature
  • scorpions- a small animal with a deadly tail spike
  • woodland- land covered with trees