209 Classroom News

September 28, 2012


  • The students of 209 earned 100 C.A.R.E.S. coupons! An accomplishment that truly brought them closer as friends and as a community. They have set a goal to earn 1,000 coupons by the end of the year. I have no doubt they will surpass it--as they continuously demonstrate "compassion, accomplishment, respect, enthusiasm, and self-reliance." You can see their excitement as they show the graph of their class coupons!
  • We completed our maps of Burlington, and they look wonderful! This will be the first project included in our "digital portfolio" which will contain each student's work samples throughout high school.
  • This week we learned about the 3 categories of rocks: igneous, sedementary, and metamorphic. (Ask your child how igneous rocks are formed!)
  • We watched a slide show of "Historical Burlington" with Mrs. Browne's class and read Burlington Then and Now. We are excited about seeing some of these historical landmarks on Monday!
  • We finished learning how to make cursive "loop letters."(l,e,f,b,h,k)
  • In math, we continue to solve double-digit addition/subtraction by breaking apart numbers (place value) and using landmark numbers. (Ask your child what "landmark number" is closest to 78!)


Monday we will tour the historical sites of Burlington with two other 3rd grade classes. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately as the weather does not sound promising. If it's pouring, we will notify chaperones by 7am and reschedule our trip for Wednesday. (Please refer to the notice in today's mail.)

There is a math fact quiz every Friday. I am very pleased with how fluent your children are becoming with their facts! Thank you for helping your child practice math facts every night. Aimee enjoys practicing her facts on an ipad using "++++." "Sushi Math" is another one I've used. If anyone has other helpful resources/tools for practicing math facts, please let me know!

E-mail or Hardcopy Newsletters?

I'm trying to decide the best way to communicate classroom news with parents. I am happy to email news or continue sending home a paper newsletter or both. Which do you prefer? I would appreciate your feedback!