The Tiananmen Square Massacre

How a peaceful protest evolved into a civil rights standoff.

The Backround information

  • On April 15, 1989, the Chinese communist Party leader Hu Yaobang died
  • Students and many other people in Beijing gathered in Tiananmen Square to honor Hu Yaobang
  • The gathering quickly turned to a major protest and attracted millions of supporters to stand up to the government
  • The protesters in Tiananmen Square called for more democracy and to put an end to government corruption.

Information about the protest

  • people protested by gathering people from all over the country and people that were not students to protest
  • to get their point across, some people became very violent and that is why the army and police got involved
  • The picture above shows a man showing his dominance against the government by standing in front of a line of tanks that could kill him in an instant. This shows how the people in Tiananmen Square protested and did what they had to do to get their point across

Effects of the Tiananmen Square protest

  • Protestors were forced to vacate the square but they refused
  • The Chinese army were ordered to clear the squared killed hundreds of protestors that stood in their way
  • people that were protesting tried to stop them by blocking the troops but this backfired on them
  • On the morning of June fourth 1989, the square was surrounded and the government won the standoff but with great cause
  • People from all over the world remember these protests and mourn the ones who died protesting for what was right

The main idea (assessment question)

  • The people who protested showed what they believed in and never backed down
  • by participating in these protests, even though the protestors point never got across,it showed that these people really believed that they could take a stand against the government and that it was worth fighting for the cause