Media Production Management

By Ewan Cussons

Target Audience:

For the animation Alex and I wanted it to be humorous and feature comedy, when coming up with this decision we took inspiration from a popular film known as Turbo. Before we came up with our idea we had to make sure we included comedy and for this we knew it would effect our target audience. Our first target audience was going to be children, however as we progressed we changed this to teens and young adults. The reason behind this was because when we presented our idea to a group of teens we explained we would feature blood, gore and comedy, for this we got back positive feedback.

Resources & Materials:

Throughout the project we have needed to use different types of software and tools for pre-production and we will also need to use software for the production of the animation. Let's start with pre-production, for this we used Trello, this was to insure we kept a track and record of all the research and progress we made in class towards our goal of the animation. We also used Popplet, this is a popular mindmap tool that allowed Alex and I to come up with quick ideas and then expand on our favorite one. For our moodboard we used Adobe Photoshop, this was where we gathered a bunch of our favorite images that we collected and then used them to capture what our vision was for our enrivonments, the living room and also the subway.

Now for the production side we will be using again Trello to continue on tracking our progress, but to look back on our references of research on objects like a sofa, a TV or even the snails. In terms of modelling we will be using AutoDesk 3Ds Max, a well known and favorite within the games industry. Using 3Ds Max we will be able to capture our animation along with being able to create our realistic looking models.

Skills Required:

The skills required to complete our animation will mainly be able to animate using 3Ds Max and also using it to model our objects that we plan on having in our animation, they will vary from difficulty, but shouldn't be too hard to complete on time. We will also need to have time management as we will need to update our production logs for the production to keep up to date with what we have completed and what needs finishing.


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Evidence of Research:

For research we looked online to find inspiration for our environments, this included looking into different objects like a TV, a sofa, a window, skirting boards for walls, play sockets and also subway stairs and escalators. Below you will see the moodboard we created in Photoshop showing off a couple of images we took inspiration off and also a few links to videos that we will be using for our animation it self.


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Potential Difficulties:

The difficulties that Alex and I will face will be the fact we don't have a complete understanding on modelling within 3Ds Max, along with the fact we have never created an animation using this software. As for me I will have difficulties using time effectively as I like to spend more time on my models than what I should, this will cause me to fall behind and not get everything finished for the deadline of the animation.