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Citi Of Sweets 100 Likes Giveaway

100 LIKES= 6 Weeks of Giveaways

Many of you have had the pleasure to enjoy our delectable treats at Citi Of Sweets. We appreciate each individual fan/customer. So here's the deal TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FAMILY MEMBER TO LIKE CITI OF SWEETS Facebook. Once we reach 100 likes we will begin our 6-weeks of give away which may include some of our alcoholic products.

Citi Of Sweets Giveaway Contest Rules

To participate in the 6-week giveaway you must follow these simple rules. Share this post on your page and comment on the post with your name. There will be six winners one will be chosen at random each week. The drawing will take place the following Monday that we recieve the 100th like and each week there will be a different Sweet's treat given away.

Once the winner recieve their treat we appreciate if you would send a photo of you enjoying your treat for our fan experience album @ citiofsweets@gmail.com