Places of worship for christianity are called churches, cathedrals, monasteries, or abbeys.
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Symbol of Christianity

Cross with Jesus, son of the Christian God.
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World map of practice coverage
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Basic practices of Christianity involve daily study and prayer. those who study the teachings of God and Christianity are appropriately called Christians.

Holy Book of the Christians

The christian holy book is known as the holy Bible, or just the bible. It comes from humble beginnings, as "bible" is greek for book. The bible holds the different stories of the faith, or gospels.
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Sin, Heaven, and Hell

Christians believe that if you live your life as a good person, you spend your afterlife with your god. But if you sin, or go against the word of god, you are sent to Hell, the world of the devil, a being of evil.

Creation and social classes

Christians believe that god made two people, a man and a woman, in his image. And from those two, everyone on earth is related. They believe everyone is created equal, so the rich and the poor are treated the same.


Christians believe that in the end of days, Armageddon, as described in the book of revelations, an event called the Rapture will save all who believe in god, all the innocent people will be invited into heaven, while the sinners are stuck on earth to be destroyed.


Christians believe that once you marry, you can not divorce, as remarrying is considered adultery, or cheating on a spouse.


No one knows who founded christianity, as it shares many stories with Judaism. the earliest date a bible was found is in the mid 1400s. As for abortion, the religion as a whole has no definite stance, but most christians consider abortion murder, which is a sin.