The religion of Greece



At the peek of Greece's golden age Pericles was the most powerful man in Athens. He could move and persuade people with his speeches. He was apart of an Aristocrat family he supported democracy. He changed Athens government for the good, but the greatest accomplishment of Pericles was the Parthenon. The Parthenon was one of Athens biggest projects and was a temple for there patron goddess Athena goddess of wisdom.

Greek Gods


Greeks were polytheistic which means the believed in many gods. The gods they believed in was a family called the 12 Olympians. Each Olympian controlled a part of Greek life. The gods had human characteristics but there was one difference between them and humans. they were immortal. To be immortal is to live forever and never die. Since the gods were a family they had to have a ruler and as the god of humanity Zeus fit the bill and became ruler of the Olympians.


Immortal-Someone or something that lives forever.

Oracle-in ancient Greece, a sacred site used to consult a god or goddess; any priest or priestess who spoke for the gods.

Philosopher-someone who used reason o understand the world.

Tragedy-a type of serious drama the ends in disaster for the main character.

Thirst for Knowledge

The Arts


Then Parthenon is a temple for Athena goddess of wisdom and patron goddess of Athens. The Parthenon was considered the biggest construction project in Athens. It is one of the ancient wonders the world. it still stands today towering over the city of Athens.

The effect of the Pathenon

The Parthenon had a big effect on Greek life. The Acropolis was the center of Greek religion but was destroyed. After that Greeks had nowhere to worship. Then they built the Parthenon an d the Greeks had a temple again. They could again all worship together.

Visual and Dramatic arts

To the Greeks not only were there arts like architecture but also Dramas. The most common drama was a tragedy. Both had a huge part of there lives. The Greeks were actually considered the first lay writers. They were both tied with the Greeks existent.


I enjoyed learning more about the Greek Gods and Goddesses and how they effected life in ancient Greece.