Marketing - personal statement

Amitai Kerbel


My increasing enthusiasm for marketing, together with my ambition to forge a career in marketing, makes a marketing course a natural choice for me. My reason for wanting to enter in to the area of marketing is due to my interest in the way that marketing ties in to current events and bases itself around people's behaviours and trends. It is an ever-changing market that really excites me.

On completing my GCSEs, I moved straight on to As levels, where I studied, English, history, and politics. I enjoyed this but felt slightly directionless as to what career I would enter in to in the future with this.

I then came across a fashion retail and business course at the Fashion Retail Academy, which I saw as perfect, due to my interest in fashion and business, with the added attraction of a career at the end of it all.

This is where my interest for marketing was fostered. I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the project that I partook in for marketing, which further confirmed my ambitions to study marketing further and make it in to a career.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing which I feel will come in to handy when reading up on competition, writing up reports and coming up with new ideas and campaigns.

I have had several jobs in fashion retail that will help aide me when partaking in this course due to the fact that I have experienced, first hand, how effective a marketing campaign is, how it is run, and why it is created in a certain way.

I will also be partaking in a three week work placement in marketing that will help give me a first-hand insight in to the day to day workings of a marketeer and how it is run by a company. It will be very useful to me when partaking in the level 4 course as I will have seen first hand how marketing really works.

I like to keep fit and feel that studying this course will allow me to maintain my fitness alongside my studies.

Furthermore, I am a responsible, confident, well organised and conscientious student which I believe will help me stand out as the ideal candidate for the course.

To conclude, my experiences in fashion retail, as well as my studies and enthusiasm to work hard and do well will be extremely useful to me when studying and succeeding in this course.