By: Kennedy McMahon

What will I learn about Hungary?

When you are reading this newspaper you will learn all about Hungary, and it's information.

The geography of Hungary!

Hungary has a lot of mountains and rivers. The weather right now in hungary is about 41 degrees fahrenheit to 50. The largest city is Budapest and the population is about 1.7 million people That's a lot of people!

Religion and language.


The map shown is a religion map that shows where most people with the specific religion is mostly found. There are many different religions in Hungary so there is no official religion. But mostly Christianity is the religion but 16.7% is not religious and there are plenty more religions.


The official language is Hungarian. Hungarian is the language for ALL of Hungary.

Traditional Holidays


Both Easter Sundays and Mondays are public holidays because Christianity is the most popular religion in Hungary.

Tradition Foods


Főzelék. Főzelék is a thick vegetable stew. It is usually cooked without meat but sometime cooked with bacon and spicy sausage for flavor. A lot of people in hungary make this meal at home, it is rarely made or served in resteraunts.

sighted Information


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Religion and language: Wikipedia.