The Death of Princess Diana

July 1, 1961-August 31, 1997

What Happened

On August 31,1997 Princess Diana died as a result of injuries caused in a car crash in the Pont de I'Alma road tunnel in Paris, France . At the scene her friend Dodi Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were pronounced dead . The only survivor of the car cash was the bodyguard .

The Media's Story

However, the media blamed the paparazzi for following the car. The French judicial investigation found that the crash was caused by the driver Paul. It was said that he had lost control of the car while speeding drunk. The investigators believed that he may have been exacerbated by anti-depressants and there were traces of anti-psychotics in his body at the time the car cash occurred .

Daily mirror

In October 2003 the Daily Mirror published a letter that was written from Princess Diana ten months before her death. She wrote about how she believe that someone was trying to kill her by tampering with the brakes on her car. She mentioned that her husband was planning an accident in her car that would make the path clear for Prince Charles to remarry. A report with the findings of the criminal investigation was published on December 14,2006 . The inquest was closed following the conclusion of the British into the deaths in April of 2008.
DOCS: Diana - The Night She Died

What will you believe

Through out the death of Princess Diana the media played a huge part on what they thought happened the night of her death. They voiced their opinion through news headlines saying phrases such as "Too Drunk to see" . Many reporters, journalist, and news papers believe that Prince Charles had something to do with the death of Princess Diana. From the research I have done the media believe Prince Charles wanted to get rid of Diana because he was having relations with is ex-girlfriend and that he wanted to get remarried . Therefore , Prince Charles needed at find a way to get rid of Diana anyway he could. It is said that Charles paid the driver to kill both Diana and her friend that was in the car with her that night. He wanted to take her out of the picture and so that he could live a happy and peaceful life with out her.

She's a Princess/Feminism

Princess Diana was known as the face of royalty she was involved in charities and humanitarian work. She was mostly known for her work with AIDS charities. Diana was one of the first celebrities to be seen publicly interacting with those who suffered from this disease. She was look at as a great influential women that made a difference in peoples lives. So when the news came out that she had died people from all around the world came together to create memorials in respect of her death.

She doesn't belong/Cultural

While Diana was married to Prince Charles she was not concerted royalty in the eyes of the royal family. She was looked down upon because she was much younger than her husband Charles. Also she was a strong independent women who knew who she was and what she stood for. Therefore the family was not willing to except her into the royal family.