Clifford Purpur

by The Greatest Ever #G.O.A.T.

Fido's Purpur

1. Was born in Grand Forks, ND

2. Was born on September 26, 1914

3. Was a Grand Forks Hockey Legend

4. Was North Dakota's Mr. hockey

5. Was 5'5" as a high schooler

6. weighed 145 as a high schooler

7. Played Hockey as a kid

8. Was nicknamed Fido before he went to the NHL

9. Was the First North Dakota kid to play in the NHL

10. Grew up in Grand Forks

Fido's Adulthood

1. Played for the St. Louis Eagles in 1934

2. made the NHL when he was 20

3. Was North Dakota's first Native son to play in the NHL

4. Played for 5 NHL teams

5. Was a father of 6 sons

6. Scored 13 goals and had 16 assists in 1934 with the Blackhawks

7. Lost in the Stanley cup 4 games to none

8. Was awarded the Rough Rider award in 1981

9. Legal name was Clifford Joseph Purpur

10. Is in the U.S. Hockey hall of fame

11. Scored 35 goals in 1938-39

12. Is in the hall of fame class of 1977

13. Was a hockey coach from 1949-56

14. Scored a goal on his stomach

15. Was a fan favorite because of his small size

16. Nickname was Fido

17. Had 2 daughters

18. died from a siezure

19. Retired from hockey in 1947

20. Died on February 21, 2001

Why he won the Rough Rider Award

He won this award because he became the first North Dakota native son to play in the NHL and later became a successful coach.
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