Primary Points to Ponder

October 22-26

Thank you!

Thank you for the brunch and gift cards. Ruthie and I have a gift every single day by enjoying you! It is a privilege to be a part of the Primary family and know that we do not take you for granted. We are blessed to lead our campus! You make me proud every single day. Yes, I will push you to grow and take risks because I know how special you are! Ruthie and I are blessed beyond measure.
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  • Put in for a sub as early as possible. The system stops contacting subs between the hours of 8:00 pm and 5:00 am.
  • Put a time sheet in time clock at the same time.
  • Get your duty covered.
  • Text Walker (903)738-6908 after 6:00 am if you are going to be out at the last minute one day.
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Updated Master for 2nd 9 Weeks

Kindergarten Specials places change each 9 weeks. Everything else is the same.

Stuff the Bus Begins October 16. Boxes are by the office.

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This form is to be put in the teacher's box who is teaching ASD for them to fill out the bottom part and return to you.

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This form is for parents to complete and returned to school.

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Extra forms are in the gray filing cabinets by the mailboxes.


Vickie has the opportunity to stay at home and be a wife! We are thankful for having her for the short time that we did...she will always be a part of our PT Primary family. Evelyn will now be our campus secretary! Please take time to welcome her to her new position.
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Curriculum Corner


Mrs. Abrams

Mrs. Yoder

What is it?

Reader’s Workshop




How long?

15-20 minutes

Teacher does

Short mini lesson focused on one topic (link it to yesterday, teach today’s new topic, practice it and then send them off to practice it)

While they’re in independent reading, I confer with my kids to see how they’re practice the skill I taught that day or other reader skills that have already been taught. I’ll also do a quick midworkshop teach point to point out the good things that I am seeing, to remind of expected behavior if they are struggling and to point out the ways that someone may have solved a problem.

Share time! I usually pick a few students that I want to share OR I let them share in partners and join in the conversations with them to help the kids that may struggle to have those conversations.

Students do

Participate in the mini--lesson, then they read independently or in partners, then we share at the end of that time.

Helpful Tips

Abrams: Book Bags! I was trying to figure out an easy way to organize from the beginning of the year and the kids have book bags helps them to get started reading right away.

“Witch fingers” have worked well as “linger fingers.” They can earn one each day once I see them reading, but if they get off task, I take them away.

Yoder: My students choose their own spot for reader’s workshop, but they have to stay put once they get there. This doesn’t work with every class I’ve had. This class seems to do better with the choice.

I keep the lights low and music on during workshop to help keep my students calm.

Watch Abrams

Lesson/Practice (with Linger Finger & the Picture tells the story), Link/Send off, Book Bags on Table, Independent Reading, Share Time

Watch Yoder

Mini Lesson, Independent Reading with Conferring 1, 2, 3, Share

October Student & Parent of the Month Nominees

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Congratulations Jovanni and Jose!

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Cafeteria Share Table

Please make sure that students use the share table in the cafeteria while they are in the cafeteria.

We are working on creating a Primary Food Pantry in the office to store the extra food so that we can redistribute to students in need.

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Istation Logins for Parent Portal

Ms. Malloy had a great suggestion on the password for Istation so that you can open the parent portal.

If you make the password the students 5digit number with a p on the end, it will be unique.


Username: 12345

Password: 12345p

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Angel Tree

Send Barnett names for Angel Tree Service. Send ASAP.

Interviews start on Monday and once the spots fill up, there are no more.