Impact of Technology on Education

How is technology beneficial to education?

How are students efficiently using technology?

Technology is beneficial to education because it has efficiency and convenience at your fingertips. Over time technology will take over every learning environment

How students use technology.

Students are exceptionally unskilled with locating critically evaluating and reading online sources. Students need to learn how to analyze and understand online sources. They need to practice evaluating sources.

Students rely heavily on sources with questionable academic quality such as Wikipedia. Students tend to value immediacy over quality. They need to look for Reliable sources. Students need to take more time evaluating and looking for more reliable sources.

How technology is beneficial to nursing students.

Technology skills were not critical to entering nursing field however they were critical for their present position and essential for promotion. So technology is a growing essential in the nursing field. It is needed for a promotion in today’s society. Technology is not needed but in a technological growing industry it is recommended to acquire these skills

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