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January 25, 2019

The Power of Positive

I hope you know by now how strongly I believe in the power of positive communications with parents/families/students. The Edutopia article below talks about using positive phone calls home to build relationships. I know some of you already do this, but I also know that calling parents makes some of you very nervous. Yes, calling the parents of all of your students would take a tremendous amount of time, but when you consider we have 180 days, maybe it seems more doable. Don't let the volume overwhelm you. Start small, set a goal, and see how it goes.

The end of the article challenges us to try and suggests that the effects for our students, our classes, and our school might be transformational. If the weather forecast holds true, we will likely have some elearning opportunities next week. Maybe an elearning day would be a good opportunity to make a few calls and maybe brighten a few parents day. I'm going to commit to making 5 positive parent phone calls next week. I hope many of you will join me. Let me know how it goes.

Lock Out vs Lock Down

This is a reminder of our lockdown/lockout procedure. During a LOCK OUT we will announce to keep students in your room. Once we have students secured and have more information, we will determine whether moving throughout the building is safe and will make the call to resume inside the school business as usual as we did today. During a LOCK OUT students should not be outside the building for any reason and we will monitor when students come and go.

During a LOCK DOWN you will hear LOCKDOWN, LOCKDOWN ,LOCKDOWN” come across the PA. If it is a drill we will indicate it is a drill. You should move your students to a safe area in your room, shut off the lights and cover the small windows in your door if you have time. This is also when you should be determining whether you are going to Run, Hide or Fight.

Thank you for always keeping student safety at the forefront of all that you do.

100 Day Celebration

Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our 100th Day of School on the 101st day due to closing! Thank you too to Mr. Moe for being a good sport (for the most part)! Holy Moe-ly I can't believe we are this far in the school year already!

IN Dept of Education

Did you know 93/615 (15%) of bills in the House and 107/585 (18.3%) of bills in the Senate could impact K-12 students during this 2019 legislative session? Visit the IDOE Government Affairs webpage for more information. #KidsFirstIN

IN Public Retirement

Question and Answer Document Offered on Proposal to Increase Teacher Salaries Through Pension Liability Payoff

The Indiana Public Retirement System posted a Q & A document on its website regarding the Governor’s proposal to pay off a pension liability in an effort to help increase teacher pay. View the Q & A document here.

Stay Warm

Please help encourage our students to dress warm and be safe. Last week when it was cold, but not this cold, I tweeted some pics of the elementary kids coming in the building all bundled up in hats, gloves, and coats. Conversely, I posted pics of our students leaving in t-shirts and shorts. Even today, with our below 0 temps, we had students walk in in shorts and sweatshirts. I know they think we are nagging them in our mom voices when we tell them to dress for the weather, but I don't think they truly understand how dangerous this cold weather can be. If you are looking for an enriching activity, maybe you can extend their learning to include some cold weather lessons.

For Your Calendars:

1/25 - Athletic Hall of Fame Recognition Ceremony

1/28 - ILEARN Readiness Test

2/4 - Mrs. Hoover out of the building

2/18 - Scheduled Elearning/Teacher PD Day

2/19 - School Board Meeting