ACET Portfolio support

Wanganui, 7th July 2014

Rating the workshop

9 participants completed feedback forms, rating the workshop on a scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent). Numbers may not add to 100% due to rounding.

  • Facilitators' punctuality: Excellent = 100%
  • Facilitators' presentation: Excellent = 89%; Good = 11%
  • Materials used: Excellent = 77%; Good = 22%
  • Pace of training: Excellent = 77%; Good = 22%
  • Variety of activities: Excellent = 55%; Good = 33%
  • Usefulness of activities: Excellent = 100%
  • Confidence to create your own portfolio: Excellent = 22%; Good = 33%; Average = 33%
  • Time allowed to cover content: Excellent = 55%; Good = 22%

"Although I'm still a tad concerned, but I'll work my way through ."

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What went well?

  • Gave us an idea where to start, content (focus), and what the panel might expect.
  • Although I had to leave early I gained a huge amount of knowledge regarding the ACET forms. Thanks.
  • Unpacking the criteria, especially with the information being emailed out to us later.
  • Sharing of evidence - it clarified it for me and how to back it up with photos and blurb etc.
  • Interaction and discussion with colleagues.
  • Breakdown of the sections.
  • Practical ideas and examples of the kind of evidence needed.
  • Excellent visuals!
  • Working through the 4 areas on the circle framework.
  • Sharing ideas and just being able to talk through things I'm unsure about.
  • All - positive and helpful. Well presented.
  • Really good presentation. Clarified my understanding of the process.
  • This has given me the confidence to "give it a go" and submit a portfolio.

What was particularly useful?

  • What to focus on.
  • Sharing of evidence - needed more though!
  • Feedback from other participants.
  • The idea of evidence - how to present the portfolio.
  • Working through the framework.
  • Evidence of engagement.
  • Help understanding the requirements and criteria.
  • Section on evidence as to whether it showed/reinforced exemplary practice.
  • Discussion.
  • Feedback from others.
  • Encouragement.
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Did you find the module fitted your needs?

  • Yes.
  • It gave me further information that I can share with colleagues in the future if approached in my NZEI role.
  • Yep!
  • Yes, it reassured me that I was on the right track.
  • Yes, clarified areas.
  • Unpacked it well- looking forward to email outlines of the sections.

Did we cover anything you would like more information about?

  • A check whether I've got the correct evidence.
  • Knowing there is ongoing support.
  • As I go through the process of writing my portfolio I will probably want more information no doubt!
  • You have offered examples, eg Maths, which made me realise I know what I am doing that I have not thought about presenting.

What could be improved?

  • You have offered future support. Thank you. This will be valuable.
  • Help with the essays/blurbs (as in the 1-1 sessions you are offering below).
  • More time to "do" the portfolio.
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Would you like a follow up session before you submit your portfolio?

  • Wait and see how I go. I know what direction I am moving in now.
  • Yes! Saturday or Sunday is fine.
  • Not sure yet?
  • Yes please - Sunday.
  • Yes, if I decide to go ahead.
  • Yes - either Saturday or Sunday is preferred.

Any other comments or suggestions you would like to offer?

  • A Principals' information day is a very good idea.
  • Thank you.
  • Like the venue.
  • Thank you for a wonderful presentation and for making yourself available to us. Great food too!
  • Great space!
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