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Laughter Truly is the Best Medicine


You've always heard the phrase, "Laughter is the best medicine." In fact, there are several scientific research studies that support this simple phrase. For example, laughter relaxes the entire body, can lighten the mood if you're frustrated, and even triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural "feel good" chemicals. So, during this stretch of the year, when the winter blues seem to take over, and attitudes seem to be on the decline, seek out some laughter to get you through the day. Because, after all, winter break is within sight, but more importantly, there are students in your classroom who depend on your positive energy each day. Below are some tools and ideas to have a little laugh, feel a little better about the day, and have a positive outlook to make it to break!

Snowball Fight!

I don't necessarily mean wait until there's snow on the ground and take your class outside and have a snowball fight. While that may be enjoyable, crumbled up paper can have the same laughter effects. A strategy from Dr. Sharoky Hollie suggests that students can write questions, or what's bothering them, or a goal they have on a sheet of paper, and then crumple it up into a ball. Then, throw these in a pile at the front of the room. Each student is then responsible for grabbing one and either answering the question, or reading the response. What better way to beat the winter blues than with a content-oriented snowball fight that's sure to bring about much laughter!

Teacher Memes

One of the greatest feelings is knowing there are other educators out there who "get it" in terms of what educators endure on a daily basis. That's why relatable content can be so humorous. One of the sites I recently stumbled upon is Teacher Memes. Not only is it absolutely full of memes related to teaching, but it's even filtered by all aspects of the job: Grades and Homework, Celebrating a Snow Day, and even a jammed copy machine!

Teacher Humor Videos

Gerry Dee on Teaching

As we all know, it's much harder to stay home from work rather than going in and teaching when you're sick. However, in this video by Mr. D (Gerry Dee), he puts a new spin on taking sick days off. If you've ever considered "planning your sick days," Mr. D can help you out! Another hilarious video by Mr. D involves grading essay tests. In this video, he offers a lightning fast method to maximize efficiency!

Key and Peele

If you have never heard of Key and Peele, they are definitely worth checking out! There are several videos devoted to teaching on YouTube. One personal favorite is called "TeachingCenter," where they parody SportsCenter using teachers and treat them as if they were pro athletes. Additionally, on your own time, check out the Substitute teacher videos. They are definitely not safe for work, but sure to bring about a little laughter to your day.

Principal Gerry Brooks

If this is the first time you're hearing about Gerry Brooks, the elementary principal from Kentucky who creates hysterical teacher videos, consider this a life-changing discovery! Gerry posts videos about various topics in the education world, ranging from differentiation, to teacher feedback, to teacher surprise bags. It's so easy to get lost in his channel and its hilarity. Even though there are several great videos, the differentiation video is quite amusing!

It's Time to Be Awesome!

Most importantly, remember there are students who depend on us each day, despite this being a rough part of the year for teachers and students. Whether that's for the daily high five, or the "good morning" as they walk by you in the hallways, they welcome it each day. It's our duty to remain positive and remind ourselves that we do matter, we are making a difference, and it's simply, time to be awesome! (Check out this video from Kid President to receive this message from a much cooler individual!)

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