Boxing Headlines "Curley vs Mike"

By: Tony Hernandez

The Fight

Curley coming in weighing in 187 pounds, 96 matches, 68 by knock out, and 0 losses. His opponent coming in weighing in 198 pound, 106 matches, 55 by knock out, and 0 losses. Curley came in the ring with quick hands and wanting to end the match as quick as he could. Mike also came in surprised though because he had more experience but has never fought a person like curley. Mike studied him the first few rounds and so did curley, you could see it in his face. Curley had less matches than Mike but also knew that Mike would always try to stay behind and keep low. It was round six when curley hit Mike with a right and Mike dodged it and hit Curley with a left and made his left cheek swollen up. Luckily for Curley the round ended. The next round Curley Dominated it coming in with different combinations and using different methods to try to win the fight. 30 seconds left in fight, Curley hits a combo, left-right uppercut. Mike gets knocked out like Manny Pacquiao. Straight to the ground! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10! Mike stayed on the ground and had been taken to the hospital. Curley won the golden gloves competition and still is know undefeated.

The Champion

Former reported Tony Hernandez got a chance to speak with former winner. He got to ask what he thought about the fight, this is what he said, " Well in this first couple rounds ya know i tried to go in determined to win another fight, came in strong and ended strong" Tony asked, " How do you feel about your opponent was this a hard match? " " Well to be honest with y'all i think he was a little to easy to be a boxer or should i say , an " undefeated " boxer. I think he had jus about one round where he damage me as you can see but beside that he was a piece of pumpkin pie haha " " How were you able to knock Mike out tonight?" " I practices combination this passed week and all i had to do was wait for the right time to do them and as you can see, it went as planned" " Did you expect to win this fight ?" " Well to be real with you yes because i feel like even though he had more matches i feel like i had more combinations available to use" " What will come up for your future ?" " If everything goes good i will win a belt and try to keep my undefeated mark as i know i can " " Thank you for your time and good luck in your future matches " .