Molly Pitcher

A Revolutionary War hero

Introduction Speech

Hi my name is Aubrey McDonald, and I chose the Revolutionary War hero Molly Pitcher. I picked Molly because she was one of the very few female Revolutionary War heroes. Molly also delivered spring water to the men serving in the scorching hot day on the Battle of Monmouth. Molly inspired me, she did incredible things for her country. Molly was kinda like a veteran since she stepped up for her husband, when he was shot down. She loaded the cannon and was there for the men when they needed her the most. Molly Pitcher inspires me and I hope that she will inspire you all as well.

Why Molly deserves a Monument

Molly Pitcher deserves a monument for many reasons. You may be wondering, why is Molly Pitcher so important? What did she do to help the Revolutionary War? Well, she did many things to help our revolution against the king. She brought spring water to the men in combat at the Battle of Monmouth, to cool them down. When her husband was shot and was no longer able to continue in combat she stepped up and kept fighting until the colonists had won the battle. George Washington himself issued her a warrant as a non-commissioned officer for her courageous deed. She was named a hero and a great one at that.

Where would Molly's monument be placed?

Molly Pitcher’s monument would be placed in Trenton, New Jersey right in front of her house. I chose the house of Molly Pitcher because it was the place where she got the pitcher that she delivered water in, the place where she tended to her husband while he was injured, and the place where she was born. The monument would sit in the courtyard in honor of the amazing Revolutionary War hero Molly Pitcher.

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