Fabulous First Grade in Rm. G3

Weekly News About 1st Grade in Mrs. Takeshita's Class

Book Exchange This Week!

In celebration of the holidays, each student may take part in a book exchange. For our holiday party, each girl will bring in a wrapped book (gently used or new) to exchange with another girl in our class and each boy will also bring in a wrapped book to exchange with another boy in our class. These should be books that other students in our class would like to read. PLEASE MARK THE WRAPPED BOOK LIKE THIS: "TO: A BOY FROM: ?" Obviously, if it is for a girl, you would indicate that. If everyone might like it, you could write"TO: A BOY OR GIRL"

Please spend $5 or less. Wrapped books should be brought to school by : Thursday, December 17, 2015

I hope your child will participate! It is a great way for your child to share the types of books he or she likes to read and to get a book from a peer who may like the same types of books.

If you have any ADDITIONAL books that you think first graders would like, please feel free to wrap those as well for those children who receive a book that they already have or may not want to read. If we have enough of these books, then everyone in the class can participate regardless if they brought a book or not.