Forced Marriage

What are the effects of a forced marriage at an early age?

What is a forced marriage?

A forced marriage occurs when an individual is forced, coerced, threatened, or tricked to marry without her informed consent. Forced marriages are very common in other countries. Forced Marriages are found in South Africa, Niger, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Asia, Afghanistan, India, (ect...) and even in the U.S and U.K


Girls are married at any age! There is such thing as Molestation: A child molester is any older child or adult who touches a child for his or her own sexual gratification. Child molestation is the act of sexually touching a child. A child is a girl or boy who is 13 years of age or younger.

Background Information

  • Most girls are forced into marriage before the age of the 18
  • Families can't always afford to pay for the daughter (food, clothes, education, ect..) In result this makes families push thier daughter into marriage at an early age
  • The girls are pulled out of school and are separated from there peers. Once married, they are more likely to be a victim of domestic violence and suffer health complications associated with early sexual activity and childbearing.
  • In 2005, the British government's Home Office and Foreign Office launched a Forced Marriage unit to address these crimes, and in 2010 it handled 1,700 cases of forced marriages
  • Forced marriages are often found in countries such as South Africa, Niger, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritania, Asia, Afghanistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Europe, UK, US, Canada, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Australia and Belgium also many more countries


Girls try to stay in school as long as possible to stay educated until there arranged or forced marriage. In result girls are healthier and stronger.


The United Kingdom has set up a hotline specifically to handle cases of forced marriage. In 2010, there were 1,735 cases of forced marriage reported to the hotline. Of those victims, 131 were British citizens who were rescued after having been taken to Pakistan for marriage against their will.

Pros and Benefits

For most people your probably Thinking "how in the world can a forced marriage be a good thing or benefit anyone" well heres how

  • A first lady in a country has started a program that has kept many girls in school. We had started to give food to the girls at the end of each week so that they would stay in school so the parents would not say that they are losing food, money or help with work at home by letting them go to school.

  • There is a child hotline of the China Foundation and the group runs a 24 hour hotline that runs counceling andother hep for children in crisis. This team did help stop a girl Bithecah who was going to be forced into marriage in 9th grade. That means her education wouldve stoped

  • People from all around are well aware of whats occuring. The good thing is people are trying to fix it. There are organizations such as "AHA Foundation" that fight forced marriages all around the world to help girls.
  • Bithika Das she is a 16 year old from a small villige who almost lost her education when her forced/arranged marriage had come. Her education wouldve stopped in 9th grade and she couldnt achive anything in further life. She then called the childline that helped her not to have a forced marriage and then she can stay in school and get a further education.

This is a good story because this is showing girls you can stand up for yourself

A girl named Sanghera said that her parents yanked her out of class, and they padlocked her in her room for weeks until she promised to submit to the marriage her parents were forcing. "In the end, I agreed purely to buy back my freedom," Sanghera said. When her parents relented and allowed her to visit a friend's home, she ran away with the friend's older brother--at first sleeping in his car, and then in a cheap boardinghouse. When she called her family, she says, they told her, "You are dead in our eyes from this day forward. You can come home and marry who we say; otherwise, you are dead." When Sanghera refused, her family disowned her. "Even today, if I see my sisters, my family, they will cross the road and refuse to acknowledge me," she said. "All of a sudden, I had become the perpetrator. I was the one who had dishonored and betrayed them, and I had no family." She has lived as a outcast for the past 29 years.


In 2007, the New York Daily News reported that a number of girls were being forced to return to Pakistan to marry men chosen by their families. One woman recalled being tricked and drugged before being put on a plane to Pakistan and, once there, being forced at gunpoint to acquiesce to a marriage to a man chosen by her father

Cons and Problems

Most people think that forced marriages are a problem well they are and here are a couple of ways they are.

  • Forced marriages can be hidden or private ecspecially in the U.S. They are numerous of teenage girls in the U.s that are sometimes taken out of school and go back to there home country just for a forced marriage and getting married to usually someone theyve never met.
  • Girls all around the world are getting forced into marriages but all for the wrong reasons. Girls are getting marries off because famalies cant pay or affored for their daughters or that they dont want them anymore. They can also be married just for sexual contact or harassment, then there abused and abadoned by their so called spouse
  • A conflict with forced marriages is that girls can be married off by the age of 6. They are usually marrying a man older than 21. They are usually just being taken advantage of or being abused.
  • The sad thing that is these girls are taken out of school as early as 3rd grade just to be married and abused to someone theyve never met. The reasons parents are okay with this is so they dont have to pay for their daughters education, food or clothing ect...
  • Sadly some girls get tricked into marriage because they keep refusing to marry there "spouse". They can get tricked by saying there meeting family or they get drugged to fall asleep and take them to where they will be married


Jasvinder Sanghera witnessed her two sisters getting taken out of school in England to be forced in marriage just at the age of 15. They were married to men that they had never met. Venda Sangara said no to her forced marriage at the age of 14 when her parents had already commited to a man when she was 8. Unlike her sisters she ran away and was disowned by her parents and siblings and was saw as the shameful dishonorable daughter.

What are the effects of a forced marriage at an early age?

There are many effects a forced marriage can have on younger children. It could harm them by having sexual contact at an early age and also the girls can have trouble laboring at an early age an hurt themself. The children can also be abused by there "spouse" and sometimes beaten to deah. There are bruises broken bones and even black eyes! There are so mant more effects of having a forced marriage at an early age.