Dengue Fever

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Transmitted by mosquitoes, it usually takes place in tropical and subtropical places. Has four serotypes, which include dengue virus infection, dengue fever, dengue hemorrhagic fever, and dengue shock system. The most well known version is the umbrella term "Dengue Fever".
This organism attacks and spreads itself through the transmission of mosquitoes. It attacks by infecting your bloodstream and causing a multitude of symptoms. (Ex. Migraines, rashes, queasiness.)

Relations between victims and it's hideout.

Most victims had age in common, and sometimes location. The age group most affected was younger than 10, and this disease thrives in tropical and related places.

Common injuries with victims.

Relatively high fever is most common between all of those affected, but a majority were also affected by rash, tiredness/fatigue, and minor bleeding by gums, and excessive bruising.
This culprit has a mortality rate of 50% if treatment is not administered, but with treatment, the disease is limited to below 5%. With 390 million infections per year, and no real treatment or vaccine made, Dengue Fever is a force to be reckoned with. It should be heavily avoided. Damage is high and is predicted to stay like that until cure/treatment is developed.

Treatments against inflicted injury.

The most treatment developed at the moment would just be replacement of the fluids lost and painkillers for all the injuries received. Beware of this virus.