The diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank

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FRANK, Anne (1929 - 1945, she died at the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen). Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 8 Dec 2015.

Anne's biography

Anne was one of the people who had to hide in the annex from the nazis. Anne wanted to someday be a writer. She was different from the rest of the people in the annex, she was more hopefull. When the nazis found them in the annex and sent them to the concentration camps she died.Anne Frank / Photo / c.1940. Photograph. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 11 Dec 2015.

Keep trying through hard times.

In The Diary of Anne Frank, the theme Keep trying through all hard time is shown through the the whole play. When the nazis took everything from the Jews but Anne and her family kept trying. Anne and her family have some problems but they still keep trying to be together. Anne and her mother have nothing in common but Anne still try's to be nice. “We have nothing in common. She doesn't understand me. Whenever I try to explain my views of life to her, she asks me if I'm constipated.” 400. Like when Anne has night terrors and she wakes Mr. Dussel but he keeps trying to sleep in the same room with her.

The object that represents Anne is a diary.

A character from the play is Anne.An object to represent her would be a diary. One reason a diary represents her is first off she writes her life story in the annex. Second she wants to be a writer. Third she writes in it because she feel comfortable writing in it. There are not many people to talk to so she writes instead.

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