George Washington

1st President of the United Stated Of America

Battles of George Washington

George Washington was the Commander-In-Chief for the Revolutionary War back in April 19, 1775 up to September 3, 1783 when the war ended. In his youth he became a British officer in the colonial militia during the first few stages of the French Indian War in 1754

Young Life

His family were wealthy planters who owned tobacco plantations and slaves which he inherited. He owned hundreds of slaves throughout his lifetime, but his views on slavery evolved. Washington was of primarily English gentry descent, especially from Sulgrave, England. His great-grandfather, John Washington, emigrated to Virginia in 1656 and began accumulating land and slaves

Last Words of Washingotn

For five hours that day, Washington had been outdoors on horseback, inspecting his property. The next day he complained of a sore throat, and that night he became deeply ill. Doctors, heeding the medical tenets of the day, extracted blood from him and performed other practices that did him more harm than good. Yet Washington never complained of the pain. He calmly gave orders to servants and apologized for the trouble he was causing everyone. Around midnight he breathed his last breath.