World's Greatest Game

Out to eat

Everytime we go to a softball tournament we always go out to eat. Once we went to a place called Burgers and Company. That’s where Kenzie had her first ever bite of a hamburger. All I could hear while Kenzie was eating the burger was her dad yelling over the phone ‘SAVE ME SOME CHEESE CURDS!’ and so we did. But we also had a massive pile up of girls in the back of the car eating because outside is better, and it was very crowded in the restaurant! That next day some of the families ordered Jimmy John’s. My dad and I also did, but we went to pick it up. We saw that they were making my teammates too. So we decided to take all of their food and deliver it, but not really. We took it up to our room for a while until they found out we took it. Then we gave it back. Like nice people.

Mall of America

While we were in Minnesota for nationals we decided to go to Mall of America. I mean who wouldn’t want too?! All the kids went on the rides while the parents did their own thing. All of us girls decided to stick close to one another and go on all the rides together. First we went on this one water ride, and only four could go at a time. When I got off with two others, the rest of the girls were missing! Well we had one of the girl's younger sister with us. But Haley, Abbey's older sister, left. Abbey, the younger sister, was crying and didn’t want to go on any of the rides with us. So while we were in line for the ride we called her mom to see if she knew where Haley went but no one answered. Well we went on the ride and she made it through the entire ride. After we got off the ride we found the girls that went missing. Turns out they ended up shopping. After we got things cleared up we all went on the Avatar ride. It was very fun but I’m never going in it again, it goes up way to high for me! Finally we ended going on the SpongeBob ride. For it being involved with SpongeBob is wasn’t very calming! I think someone on my team ended up throwing up,but I’m not sure. Anyways, after that we all called it a night. But on the way to the car we couldn’t get out of the building. Every shop was closed to get to the car, so we had to take a detour around the whole park. But we finally got to the car and made it to the hotel before midnight.


Everytime we end up going to a hotel for a softball tournament, we ALWAYS end up swimming! It seems like everytime we go to this once hotel we always make memories, good and bad. Once we had this creepy guy videotaping up swimming. He was pretending to listen to music while videotaping us. And at that one hotel there's this one slide we would run up it and slide down when it wasn’t turned on we got yelled at once, but we continued to do it. Also during that time, we all got cornrows in our hair. One of the moms knew how to put them in so we all got them for our last day of games. Everytime at a hotel I always have a good time with my teammates!