Daniel Boone

Born November 2, 1734, Died September 26, 1820

Daniel Boone was an American frontiersman and an explorer. He was an iconic figure in his time period. Boone led many expeditions to the west and even started his own town. He discovered the trail to the west through the cumberland gap. Boone was even cosidered a hero in his time period.
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Boone was born in Exeter Township near Reading, Pa. He mostly grew up in North Carolina though. Boones dad taught him how to be a skilled survivor. Boone served in the army as a wagoneer. Boone married Rebecca Bryan and set up stakes in the Yadkin Valley. He led his first expedition in 1767 along the Big Sandy River. He started his own settlement called Boonesborough that was located in Kentucky. He led many more expeditions to the west and he explored many unknown territories. Boone died from natural causes in the town of Femme Osage Creek, Missouri. He still is known as one of North America's greatest woodsmen.