Ms. Kildal's School Scoop

February 1- 5

Here's what' s happening in school this week...

Reading & Writing

Story : Marven of the Great Woods

Genre: Nonfiction/Biography

Comprehension Skills: Drawing conclusions, fact/opinion, generalizations

Vocabulary Strategy: Using dictionaries and glossaries

Writing: Writing a postcard from a Lumberjack camp using a friendly letter format

Spelling Words: Words that have the –ed or –ing endings


Unit 6: Division, Measuring Angles, Coordinate Grids

Skills Focus: Using multiplication to solve division story problems, showing different ways to solve division problems, learning how to

do the Partial Quotients strategy with division problems.

IXL Skills: E.4-E.7

Science/Social Studies: Midwest Region

Other New & Events:

*Kids will be taking the Reading OLPA test on Wed, Feb. 3. Please read the information below:

The Optional Local Purpose Assessment (OLPA) is provided by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) as a practice test for the MCA-III Online assessment. On Feb. 3 our class will be taking the reading OLPA. It uses Minnesota-specific items and provides an opportunity for students to use the online tools before the MCA-III Online testing begins in the

spring. Because the OLPA test is intended for practice and teacher instructional planning only, students will not receive an individual score report of their OLPA performance. If you have questions about the

OLPA please contact the building principal.

*Our Class Bookmark Contest: Kids may create and color a bookmark to celebrate I Love to Read Month. They were given bookmarks on Monday. They can be brought back anytime before Friday, Feb. 5. This is an optional activity. The kids will then vote for their top 3 favorite bookmarks.

*Valentines- Kids may bring in valentines to give to their classmates. This is an optional activity. Kids may bring valentines to school between Feb. 8-12. Kids will decorate valentine bags here at school.