The Prophet of Yonwood

By Jeanne DuPrau

What is so terrible about the vision that the prophet Althea Tower saw?

Read The Prophet of Yonwood to find out!

Cast of characters:

Jeanne duPrau at her Kepler's event


The setting of the story, The Prophet of Yonwood, is in a small, rusty little town called Yonwood in North Carolina. Yonwood is a small town that is supposed to be safe from the terrorist groups that are forming an alliance against the U.S. The time of this story takes place about a couple hundred years into the future.


The Prophet of Yonwood is about a girl named Nikkie and her aunt Crystal going to her late great-grandfather's house and trying to sell it. Although she does not want to, Nikkie learns that in this hard time on the brink of war, she must do what is best for her and her family. She finds many new friends and her curiosity helps her make them hers. She eventually helps to wake the prophet, also known as Althea Tower, who had a vision. But is her vision really from God as the towns people think it is?

Vocab. of the Prophet of Yonwood

Final Reflection

What was the best part of this novel?

The best part of the book was the Afterward. It told what happened to all of the characters in the future. It was full of emotion and some struggles.

Why did the author choose to write this particular book? What is the lesson to be learned? DuPrau wrote this book to test our imagination of the future. the lesson is that anything can happen at any time. Dreams also come true even in the hardest of times.

About the Author

Jeanne DuPrau is the bestselling author of The City of Ember, and continual sequals. Her inspiration inspires young readers and helps them to imagine the unseen future. She lives in Menlo Park, California with her dog. DuPrau has her own website filled with information about herself, her new book ideas, and colorful descriptions of her bestsellers. Her website link is below.

By: Amanda G.