Great Gatsby Synthesis

By: David Murillo

Loss of Dignity

From childhood, to adulthood people are always told to constantly pursue their dreams. What people are not told is that the acts of pursuing their dreams could actually push them further away from their goals. Through selfish goals and greed people end up losing their dignity.

In the best tv show of all time “Spongebob Squarepants”, Spongebob had many accounts in which he lost his dignity by trying to pursue a goal or “dream”. In one specific account, in Bikini Bottom’s, Goo Lagoon Spongebob has caught himself making everyone laugh when he rips his pants trying to impress everyone by lifting a stick with two marshmallows on it. When he realizes that he made everyone laugh he begins to like the attention. Throughout the episode Spongebob tried to achieve his goal of becoming popular and making everyone laugh by continuously ripping his pants. But then Spongebob took his joke too far, when he acted like he drowned and then told everyone that he ripped his pants. No one thought this was funny because everyone was fearing for his life, and he was just playing around. Spongebobs goal to impress the crowd ended up losing him all of his dignity and friends. Luckily he was able to recover them both by singing a song about his mistakes called “Ripped Pants”. This loss of dignity relates to how Gatsby lost his dignity while fighting with Tom over Daisy. Gatsby and Tom were in a heated argument, and Gatsby was claiming that Daisy had always loved him, and only left because he was “poor” (Fitzgerald 140). From there Daisy stepped in and said that she had “never loved him” (Fitzgerald 141). This rejection was similar to the rejection Spongebob experienced after taking his ripped pants joke too far. This rejection was reversed in the documentary “Inside Job” by Charles Ferguson. The CEO’s of the major stock companies denied the U.S. citizens the fairness they deserved when they abused their power and collapsed the U.S. economy in order to make easy and quick money. They were then caught for this scandal which ended up losing them the dignity of the wall street CEO’s. This was due to their straight up greed. Which is apparently good according to "Greed is Good" by Gordon Gekko. Gekko implies that in order for U.S. to be successful the U.S. as a whole has to be greedy, and companies have to be greedy in order to succeed because "greed is right" (Gekko 1). Their care for only themselves led people to lose respect, and in turn make them lose their dignity. An example of this greed can be shown in the "Lion King" when Scar killed his brother to become king. He planned to "kill him" and "Simba". He accomplished his goal of killing his brother, but that did not help him in achieving his goal of becoming king. The result was him losing all his dignity and receiving hatred from his previous friends, family, and fellow inhabitants.


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