Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

The title says it all


The time period is the 19th century, United States.

Time Period

The 19th century in america was a time of rebirth and second chances for the living and the dead. Vampires have lived in America since the first shipped made landfall. They have traveled to America to escape Europe and all their hunters and start over in the new world.


The book begins with Abraham Lincoln as a boy. He is very close to his mother who dies when he is young. His dad tells him that his mom was killed by a vampire, and he vows to kill every vampire in America. After killing his first vampire he travels to a place were unexplained deaths have occurred. He intercepts a second vampire which nearly kills him. This is were he meets his mentor, Henry Sturges, who saves him from his assailant. Henry is a vampire which means that not all vampires are pure evil. He tells Abe everything there is to know about hunting and killing vampires. After his training, Abe and Henry make a deal where Henry will give him letters to locations of vampires that are corrupt for Abe to kill. While on these tasks Abe makes companions who help him on his tasks. It is in between these tasks that Abe starts his political career. Abe starts a family with Mary Todd Lincoln and he quits hunting vampires and starts focusing on politics and freeing slaves. One day while traveling to New York he runs into an old friend and he is needed once again, but for a different reason. This is where Henry introduces Abe to the Union. The union is a group of Northern vampires who want to live in secret and are enemies with the confederacy. The confederacy's goal is to have vampire supremacy. Abe starts running for president which he is a fan favorite for his qualities and the union's funding. During his presidency he leads the Union through the civil war. But on April 9th, 1865 he is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a confederate vampire, who is eventually killed by Henry Struges.


  • Author: Seth Grahame-Smith
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Author`s Purpose: Entertainment.

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Abraham Lincoln