Hugo Chavez

Ruled from December 1999 to March 5th, 2013

Chavez background

Hugo was born in Sabaneta, Venezuela on July 28, 1954 to a small working class family. As a young man Hugo attended the Venezuelan Military Academy which lead to his future as a an army officer, for years he was apart of the Venezuelan army. This directly lead to his efforts in over throwing the government in 1992, in which he was jailed for. Then in 1999 after he was released from prison, Hugo was elected president of Venezuela. In his early years as president he created a new constitution for the country which put more power in Chavez hands and left the judicial system and congress powerless. Hugo had very strong opinions on sensitive subjects, he did not try to stop drug smuggling with Cuba, he also tried to take over Venezuela's oil industry. Chavez was very honest with his feelings to other countries especially the USA, many were not a big fan of his personality. His personality effected his relations with Latin America and the rest of the world negatively. He hated capitalism and told everyone about it, when he died on March 5th, 2013 he left Venezuela in a communist state.

What was Hugo Chavez's effect on Venezuela and on the world during his reign from 1999- 2013?


There ya go

President in 1999, you were very fine

New constitution, taking power

Couldnt find a solution

So stole some oil from foreign soil

Took drugs from other thugs

And as a ruler no one was even cooler

But not all loved your voice

Got kicked out, not by choice

Came back, rose from the dead

Without being said

The UN was opposing

But the USA wasnt dosing

Words were said but no blood was shed

Until Chavez was ill

One man so still

Until he fell six feet

To his final seat

Rest easy

July 28, 1954-March 5, 2013.

Mr. Chavez

"The left is back, and it's the only path we have to get out of the spot to which the right has sunken us. Socialism builds and capitalism destroys."

– Hugo Chávez

Hugp Chavez talks about the USA

Venezuela has had a poor effect on foreign nations during Chavez's reign, Hugo has not had the best relationships with the USA and the UN. So Mr. Chavez speaks about the new president (Obama) and talks about what the USA has done to hurt and to help the Venezuela. During this speech he wishes the best of luck to Obama and he also shares his view on Bush which was not very positive. Hugo is a very talented public speaker and wants to be respected by all. He believes for countries to become allies there needs to be a line of respect and he is trying to restore that with the USA.

2009: Chavez praises Obama, hits U.S.

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