Mrs. Relich and Mrs. Theiler

Kindergarten Rooms 26 & 27

Reading Workshop

We read a great book about how a bunch of nursery rhyme characters work together to pull an ENORMOUS watermelon home.

Ask your child to tell you about the characters from the book.

We practiced selecting books and reading quietly during read to self. The alphabet books pictured below were perfect for introducing the students to reading workshop. One word on each page that matches a real photo. It empowers students to see themselves as readers! Next week we will create a reading stamina thermometer to keep track our read to self minutes. Our goal for the year is twenty minutes. We are off to a great start.

Big picture
Big picture

Math Workshop

This week we..
  • focused on counting and using our math tools correctly
  • played cover your board (See below if you would like to play at home)
  • used our math tools properly

We also talked about perseverance and how our brain grows when things are a challenge! A student was overheard saying...

"Well, I guess my brain just grew because that was hard!"

Writing Workshop

It was so wonderful watching all the writers this week! We practiced using our felt pens to draw detailed pictures about something we knew a lot about! We also learned how we can label our pictures with beginning sounds. Check out some of our great writing samples from this week.


We are so lucky to be part of such a wonderful school community. Everything you have done to prepare you child for this unprecedented start is truly appreciated. Thank you for all the encouragement and kind words! Have a GREAT weekend!