Come to Irvine Spectrum!

Great Places to Go!

A Fun Day to Hang Out

Come to the Irvine Spectrum and enjoy plenty of things. Going to the movies, eating dinner at Dave and Busters, and going around to buy things are just some of them.

Irvine Spectrum

Saturday, Sep. 27th, 3:30-5:30pm

Irvine Spectrum Center, Irvine, CA, United States

Irvine, CA


3:30-3:40 - Meet up at the Ferris wheel.

3:45-5:45 - Go to Edward's Cinemas for a movie.

5:50-7:40 - Eat and play at Dave and Buster's.

7:45-8:50 - Go to stores to buy what you want.

Items to bring!



-Food to eat as a snack

Appropriate Behaviors

-Adults must be with you at all times.

-Must go someplace alone with at least 5 people

-No kissing or daitng

No Other Future Events