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Water Filtration Division

Thank You for Purchasing a Marathon Lifetime Warranty Hot Water Tank!

We at Pro Star Mechanical want to thank you for your recent purchase of a Marathon Lifetime Warranty Hot Water Tank! You couldn't of made a better decision to protect your home and lower your energy costs.

Because you are a valued customer we would like to help save you even more money as well as protect your health. Our Water Filtration Division would like to offer you a 10% discount off of the purchase of any of our point of use filtration systems.

Get rid of bottled water and use an under the counter reverse osmosis or ultra-filtration drinking water system. Both of these will remove harmful chlorine and heavy metals (copper and lead) from your drinking water and eliminate the need to purchase and dispose of plastic drinking water bottles.

A shower filter will remove chlorine and copper from your bathing water. When you shower, chlorine turns to a gas and you breath it directly into your lungs. On top of that, it dries out your hair and irritates your skin!

Check out the deals below and feel free to stop in the office and see the systems in person. Claudia will be happy to help you pick out the system that is right for you. Be sure to mention you received this email to get your 10% discount!

Let Flood Buzz Protect Your Home

Flood Buzz water leak alarms are a low cost way to help protect your home from water damage. Simply place one on the floor next to your hot water tank or water filtration system and if any water leaks onto the floor it will immediately buzz to inform you of the leak. It will be the best $14.95 you have ever spent!