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Friday, October 8, 2021

Our community is a community of superstars! Here are some updates as we work to bring out the best in our students and help them all reach for the stars.

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Important Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, October 11th: Columbus Day - School remains OPEN for students.
  • Friday, October 15th: Professional Development Day - All BCPS schools closed for students.

      School hours = 8:20am arrival / 8:35am late bell / 3:20pm dismissal (no drop-off prior to 8:20am as there is no supervision outside before then)

      PK Schedule: AM session (8:35am - 11:05am); PM session (12:50pm - 3:20pm)

      Extracurricular Club Information for Music & Art Lovers

      Ms. Arlotta is inviting 2nd and 3rd grade students interested in enriching their artistic experience to join her at the Art Club! If your child loves drawing, making collages, painting, or expressing themselves creatively, then make sure they're available to meet early morning on Tuesdays from 7:40 - 8:20am starting 10/19/2021 through 03/29/2022. Click below on your preferred language for the appropriate permission form with all the important details, dates, and registration information. This club will accept up to 20 students. Feel free to email Ms. Arlotta at if you have any questions about the club:

      Art Club Permission Form (English) (Spanish) (Arabic)

      Ms. Long is inviting 2nd and 3rd grade students who love music and dancing to come join her at the Music & Movement Club! These movers and shakers will get to explore line dancing, cultural dancing, partner dancing, creative dancing, and more! The club meets early morning on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7:45am - 8:20am starting 10/19/2021 through the end of May in 2022. Click below on your preferred language for the appropriate permission form with all important details, dates, and registration info. This club will accept up to 25 students. Ms. Long can be reached at to answer any questions you may have.

      Music & Movement Club Permission Form (English) (Spanish)

      Check out Norwood's YouTube Channel!

      Yes! We here at Norwood have a YouTube channel, where you can see a number of helpful guides and tips on everything from our collection of newsletters to school policies, getting connected to digital tools like Razz Plus and First in Math, back to school help, and more! Even some tech troubleshooting tips can be found on student devices and the use of Schoology. We could use your help in getting to 100 subscribers so we can personalize our extremely long and random youtube channel link, which is currently:

      To something shorter and more user-friendly like:

      So please subscribe if you like what you've seen and find the information helpful!

      September Coffee & Conversation Wrap-up, October Preview

      Thanks to all who joined us for our September Coffee & Conversation session where Ms. Julian spoke about ADHD and support resources for how to identify it as well as cope with a diagnosis. Regardless of whether or not you attended, you can click the link below on your language preference for a pdf that sums up the key points and resources from the presentation. Please note: if a hyperlink from the pdf does not open upon clicking it, you can always try selecting the entire link to copy and paste into the url of a browser.

      September ADHD Resource (English | Español)

      Our next Coffee & Conversation for October will take place on Wednesday, October 27th, with the exact time and topic TBD. For the time being, these sessions are not in-person at the school, but rather, virtual meetings that you can join using your student's BCPS credentials via Google Meet with the meeting code: norwoodfamilies

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      Attendance Robocalls and Policies for Absences/Tardiness/Early Dismissal

      Many have been receiving automated calls from BCPS informing you that your child is absent from school, even on days when you know they are present. Please be aware that the calls are automatically generated from the BCPS central office and lack situational awareness of what may be happening here at the school. For example, your child may have arrived late and they simply were not switched from absent to present before the call was triggered. Late bus arrivals have also contributed to this confusion. A student being kept home due to illness is yet another reason a call can get triggered. Just know that the robocalls are only meant to bring awareness to the situation, and you are always welcome to call the school and verify should you have any doubts or concerns.

      For an absence to be excused for sickness or a medical/dental visit, a parent or legal guardian needs to write and sign a note or email the teacher directly with the date(s), student name, and reason. This is valid for absences totaling less than 3 days straight. You can also click here to download and print the bilingual note template seen below in English and Spanish that you are free to use. Absences 3 days or longer require a note from the doctor/dentist office in order to be excused.

      Tardiness does accumulate in minutes towards absences, so excessive tardiness will eventually add to the total days absent. The same reasons that excuse absences also excuse tardiness.

      Early dismissals do not require a note, but it's always helpful to know ahead of time if possible, as well as the reason. As always, please remember to bring ID when you come to the main office. We MUST check ID first prior to calling the student down, and the cut-off for early dismissals is 2:55pm.

      Parent Access to FOCUS and Schoology

      Parents are able to log in under their own account and access FOCUS (The Student Information System for BCPS) as well as Schoology (The Learning Management System for BCPS). The directions can be found on the BCPS homepage under the “Tech Support” top menu where it says “Creating a Parent Account for FOCUS/Schoology,” or by clicking here. In addition, a document has been prepared to aid schools in their support for parents as they navigate these new tools. That document can also be found here. Parents and teachers should also be aware that there is now a link within FOCUS to take them directly to Schoology, thus eliminating the need for separate login pathways. Parents will need to create a parent account with the same e-mail address they provided to their school to sign up. Please note, It may take up to 30 minutes to gain access to Focus and up to 48 hours to access Schoology once starting this process.

      What are some of the benefits?

      • Check student absences/tardiness
      • Access to a digital copy of student report cards/progress reports, or to print your own copy
      • Update student contact information, including adding/removing/modifying emergency contacts and who can pickup your child from school
      • Access Schoology, where you can message teachers, check status of your child’s work completion for each class, and more!
      - YouTube

      Math Unit 2 Family Overviews for October

      Here are the monthly Math unit overviews by grade level, in English and Spanish. The first newsletter of the month will focus on Math while the second newsletter of the month will cover reading & writing via English Language Arts (ELA). These unit overviews are useful tools for the family to look over together and help manage expectations for your child prior to starting a new unit.

      Kindergarten | Kinder

      English | Español

      Grade 1 | Grado 1

      English | Español

      Grade 2 | Grado 2

      English | Español

      Grade 3 | Grado 3

      English | Español

      Accessing School Breakfast & Lunch Menus

      If you've ever wondered where you can access the school menus for both breakfast and lunch, click here for an easy printable version you can keep on your fridge at home, or click here for an interactive digital menu that allows you to filter out meals by allergens as well as by specific nutritional information of your choice. You can also view the video below which walks you through both points of access and the differences as well as features of each.
      Where To Find Menus for School Meals

      Illness & When to Keep Your Child Home

      Current BCPS policy, in accordance with CDC guidelines, states that children should stay home if they display ANY obvious/visible symptoms of illness, including severe congestion or runny nose. Your child needs to be completely symptom free for 24 hours without relying on any medication before being able to return to school. And if your child in particular displays any of the specific symptoms below, please call the front office (443-809-7055) or the school nurse directly (443-809-6029) for advice on whether your child needs to be seen by their doctor or requires a COVID-19 test from a local clinic that offers them (e.g. Express Care, Patient First, etc.).
      • Fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher
      • Sore throat
      • Cough
      • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
      • New loss of taste and or smell
      • Vomiting or diarrhea
      • Severe headache
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      BCPS Magnet Schools Program Information

      Don't forget that the the BCPS Magnet program is still accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year until 1:00 pm on November 5, 2021. If you are interested at all in learning more about the Magnet Schools program and the application process at any level (Elementary, Middle, or High School), click here to visit the Magnet Program website. Brochures that explain all important information are available in multiple languages for download/viewing, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, and more! While the information meetings have already passed, the brochures still lets you know about many upcoming Showcase Events where you can visit a particular Magnet School and speak to representatives of the various programs throughout the county.
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      About Us

      Norwood Elementary School is a Title I STEM School within the Baltimore County Public School system. We are located in Dundalk, MD, and we strive for all of our superstars to reach their fullest potential in our ever-changing 21st century world.

      If you have any questions regarding any of the information on this newsletter, please contact David Castro (Norwood School to Community Coordinator) at, or by calling his direct line at 443-809-1505.