Women's Challenges

the challenges faced by women everyday in the Sahara

Family Life

Many of the women in the Sahara face their husbands dying or leaving and find themselves alone with just their children. They have to find ways to buy food for their families and this is most of the time very hard. Many women start businesses called micro-organizations. These are just small businesses where women sell products like bread and make money off of whatever is bought. This is the main way that women make money in the horrible economy of Africa.


Many women in Africa face a lack of education. More than 30% of women from ages 15-34 cannot read. Boys in Africa have a much higher percent because they have a better chance at a good education. Many of the girls in Africa cannot pay for the tuition to get into school. For others it is too far for women to walk to school. Women in Africa just do not get enough of a chance to get a good education.


Fatuma is a lady who is trying to start her own micro-organization. She is on Kiva, a website where people in the world can get loans to start small businesses. She is asking for money to buy khanga, a clothing sold to women in Africa. Just like Fatuma, women all over Africa are trying to start their own businesses to raise money for food or a good education for their kids.