U.S. Constitution

The US Constitution is the most important in US history

It Laid the Foundation for the Government

The u.s. constitution is the source of all government powers. It put very important limitations on the government. The government was divided into three branches as a limitation. On top of that a system of checks and balances was set on those powers to assure no branch of government gained supremacy. The legislative consists of the congress, senate, and house of representatives. The executive consists of the president, vice president, and cabinet. Lastly, the judicial consists of the supreme court and other federal courts.

Lead to the Bill of RIghts

Many people only agreed to support the U.S. constitution if basic rights were added. Which later resulted in the bill of rights in 1791.

Provided and Protected Individual Rights for all U.S. Citizens

By creating the bill of rights the constitution provided and protected our individual rights. The bill of rights consisted of 10 amendments and was done in 1791. Also, the constitution allows us to overthrow thee government.
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