Liberty Academy Newsletter

March 25, 2015

Graduation Candidates: Take Care of your Debts!!

Diplomas, transcripts, and grade cards will be withheld from any student with a debt owed to their high school. All debts must be paid PRIOR to graduation as debt remediation will NOT be handled at the graduation ceremony! Debts need to be taken care of with Mrs. Straws by NOON on Thursday, May 14th at noon. You the fee, return the object, or present a receipt/note from the teacher regarding the debt.

Spring Break!

March 30th - April 3rd! Enjoy the days off of school!

Playing sports next year??

LHS students: Blue Jay Nation has set the date for the next physical night. For more information and to sign up click on the link. Physicals are on a first come first serve basis. Physicals will be done on Thursday, May 21st.

Students who have Science...

All students are required to do 12 magazine articles for their science class. After the first 12, there is a bonus opportunity to make up points missed on a test or lab. Two more articles will be accepted for 10 points each. For questions email Thank you.

Liberty North 2015 Prom

When the Lights Go Down In the City...
Saturday, April 18th from 8-11:00pm at The View at Briarcliff, Kansas City, Missouri.
Click HERE for the Prom Newsletter to get all of the details!