Punaluu Beach

Christopher O'Brien


Punaluu Beach is located in Hawaii, United States (North America).

Latitude: 19.1358 N

Longitude: 155.5048 W

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Active or Passive?

Punaluu Beach is an active beach due to it being relatively close to the San Andreas Fault in North America.
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Primary or Secondary?

Punaluu Beach is a primary beach as it was created by tectonic activity, which is a non-maritime process.
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Emergent or Submergent?

Punaluu Beach is an emergent beach due to constant tectonic activity that pushes land up from beach the sea. This can be seen in the steepness of the surrounding coastline.
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Sand Color

Punaluu Beach is a black sand beach composed of metamorphic rock such as basalt and andesite. Black sand is heavier than normal and also absorbs light very well which result in a very hot beach surface.
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Beach Features

Punaluu Beach is known for being rocky beach, giving it a reputation for being dangerous, as well as its cold ocean water that looks similar to gasoline.
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Fun Fact!

Punaluu Beach is home to several endangered species such as the Hawksbill Sea Turtle and Green Sea Turtle, which both of whom are often seen basking on the black sand.
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